Our story

I babbuini: Marco and Beatrice

We started writing about cuisine, travels, food and beverage after our honey moon in February 2016.

Why it was so important to us? Because we love eating local specialties, drinking special cocktails or wines, but in particular because we like looking around in restaurants, osterias, and bars all around the world discovering what every country and every culture can share with us. 

We are constantly looking for gastronomic experiences and we also love cooking for our friends at home every single dish that comes to our mind.

Moreover we would share with you our passion in searching for good and healthy food that came from not intensive agriculture and from ethical management of the resources.

Here we are: Marco and Beatrice ...called i Babbuini by our friends! Are you curious to know why? We'll tell you the whole story only if you join us for a dinner!!!


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