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Vinitaly 2019 – All that you want to know
Drink, Living Verona - 01 April 2019 - Scritto da Marco Olivieri

Vinitaly 2019 – All that you want to know

You definitely cannot miss Verona’s Vinitaly, the fascinating heart of our veronese culture. People from Verona attend the event every year, in the expo and in the countless collateral activities hold by Vinitaly. This event brings an incredible amount of excitement in the city.
This year we decided to write a guide on how to make the best of your Vinitaly experience. We hope to be of great help to you!

The expo includes innumerable activities, wine storytelling and tasting sessions. We selected collateral events linked to wine to which you can take part before and during Vinitaly 2019.

Vinitaly is the biggest international expo in this sector and is held in Verona every year.

This year, 2019, it will last from Sunday, 7 April 2019, to Wednesday, 10 April 2019.

You can find every info on ticket price, tastings and events related to the expo in its multilingual official website.

Side events

If you are already in Verona before the start of the expo, we suggest to you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a real wine tour along the streets of Verona: Vinitaly and the City.

Vinitaly and the City is a side event to the expo, implemented by the municipality of Verona. It takes place in the city centre, so that it is possible to join the tasting tour while visiting the city. The vast programme of events comprehends wine tastings in multiple corners of the city centre, concerts, guided tours and other moments of entertainment.

The event will start before the expo and will last from the 5th to the 8th April, so it’s a way to foretaste Vinitaly.
You can simply sign up in the dedicated section in the event website (in Italian), get the wine tasting glass with its glassholder and you’re done.

What most people don’t know is that Vinitaly and the City was also extended to other towns in the province of Verona which are famous for their wines: Bardolino, Soave and Valeggio sul Mincio. This article of the blog Inside Wine (in Italian) briefly describes these three destinations.

If you would like to participate in the event Vinitaly and the City outside Verona, I highly recommend that you consider these options:

  • In Soave, you can visit the beautiful medieval village and taste the different productions of Soave DOC: details here.
  • In Bardolino, you can combine the charm of wine with the magical spring views of Lake Garda. It will be an unforgettable experience to walk along the lakefront, sipping the local wines: details here.
  • In Borghetto (right next to Valeggio) you could visit one of the most unique and romantic villages in Italy, as well as taste the Custoza white wine produced in that area: details here.

Another noteworthy initiative is the calendar of events, tastings and concerts organized by the Signorvino brand, which brings together various points of sale of wines, restaurants and wine bars.

If you feel like listening to a good concert while sipping a glass of wine, you will find the main event of the calendar on Monday, 8th April 2019. It’s organized by the enoteca Signorvino in downtown Verona, right below the clock tower which divides Piazza Bra from Corso Porta Nuova. It includes a guided tasting and an unplugged concert by Joe Bastianich (starts at 6.30 pm – purchase tickets on Eventbrite).
Clicking on this link you will access the page to download the programme with tasting courses, live music nights and DJ sets. It is also indicated that shuttle buses can take you to the restaurants in Valpolicella—a well-known viticultural zone in Verona, nearby the Lake Garda.

Where to drink a glass of wine in Verona

Up to now we’ve been talking about the event, but don’t forget that Verona is the city of wine lovers every day of the year. You’re probably asking yourselves… where do people from Verona go for a glass of wine?

The answer is not easy, as there are so many places where to sip a good glass of wine. The best solution is the traditional osteria—a kind of Italian typical tavern—in downtown Verona. Our favourite osterie are explained in this post (click here to read it): the Osteria Montebaldo and the Osteria Sottoriva.

As an alternative to these traditional osterie you can take a walk in the coolest, bohemian and alternative area of Verona, called Veronetta. We especially suggest Caffè Carducci, a wine bar specialized in tasting both local and foreign wines, in particular from France. In this small bar you will find a wide selection of wines and delicious dishes or snacks. The tasting of French wines and cheeses is a must try.

Cocktails? Why not…

Also in Veronetta, if you were tired of wine and wish to drink a masterfully made cocktail, right next to the Caffè Carducci you will find the golden triangle of the cocktail bars: Grande Giove, Segreteria Cafè and Soda Jerk, of which we wrote in this article (click here to read it again); in the article you will also find the map of Veronetta and many other interesting places to spend the evening.

Eat to slow alcohol absorption

Now the time has come to figure out where to eat to balance the alcohol level. Verona, like all tourist cities, has plenty of options. Below we introduce three restaurants in the historic city centre, where you can eat well and drink sublime wines. During Vinitaly many places are packed with people, so reserve a table in advance and be prepared to long waits!

Le Cantine dell’Arena Brasserie
This place is to me one of the best places to eat meat in Verona. The restaurant is beautiful and is located right in front of the Arena. To access the brasserie, follow the sign of the homonymous pizzeria, located in the ground floor, “le Cantine dell’Arena”: you have to take the stairs and go down below. You will find yourself in a room with a huge fireplace in the middle where excellent fiorentine steaks, ribs or picanha are cooked on the grill. Looking at the barrel-vaults you will be amazed by the evocative atmosphere and the great amount of wine bottles. There they often hold jazz concerts, so I strongly recommend that you book a table in advance.

Antica Bottega Del Vino
This is a real institution. If you come to Verona you should go to Antica Bottega del Vino at least once, where you can find an excellent combination of refined typical Veronese and Venetian dishes. The warm, traditional as well as elegant atmosphere makes you travel in a world of scents and flavours that will remain etched in your memories.
The restaurant is full of people most of the time, so reservation is recommended.

Enoteca Segreta 
This small, exclusive and charming restaurant is a true gem. Also located in downtown Verona, you’ll find it towards the end of Via Mazzini, in a small side street.
The great selection of raw ingredients, with many Slow Food presidia, is the trademark of this place. Excellent bottles on the wine list and perfect pairings of wine and food make Enoteca Segreta ideal for an informal but amazing dinner.
For more details, I refer you to an article we recently wrote about their testaroli (a kind of pasta of ancient tradition). (click here Article in Italian)

Finally, if you want to know what to eat in Verona and what to order, don’t miss our guide of Veronese food to eat during Vinitaly (click here).

If you have doubts or questions feel free to write us, we’ll be glad to give you any suggestion.

See you next time and… let’s raise a glass to us!

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