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A night out in Veronetta
Living Verona - 22 January 2017 - Scritto da Marco Olivieri

A night out in Veronetta

Today I’ll tell you about a night hanging around in the Veronetta area, often mistreated and considered low-level by the people of Verona.

Walking around the streets, we realized that the whole neighborhood is full of ancient charm, often overlooked in favor of newer or cooler parts of the city!

We first went to see a series of artistic installations in Via XX Settembre on occasion of the Artverona expo. We found a neighbourhood full of historic inns, bars with a vintage touch and art galleries in the context of ancient buildings.

We decided to tell you about the experience we lived in three of these places, so that you can spend a pleasant night out in this less known district of Verona.

The first place that we highly recommend is Osteria da Morandin.

It’s an historical venue in Verona that looks like an old typical trattoria, with wooden tables, covered with a red checkered tablecloth and with a sparkling atmosphere.
People at the entrance drinking a glass of red wine and the lively chattering inside make this place truly authentic.
As soon as we sat at our table, the fast and efficient waitresses brought us the rustic menu, full of everything you can expect from a typical Veronese tavern:

  • Bigoli col Musso (Bigoli with donkey sauce)
  • Bigoli con le sarde (Bigoli with sardines)
  • Pastisada de caval (Horsemeat casserole)
  • Tartare
  • Trippe (Tripe)
  • Pasta e fasoi (Pasta and beans)

The prices are extremely cheap and the dishes are homemade and genuine. These, together with the friendly atmosphere, recall the experience of certain forgotten trattorie of the past.
Here you can live an authentic experience, far from the “tourist” feeling of the inns in the historic center.

Another interesting place with vintage taste is Caffè Pedrotti, also in via XX Settembre.
This bar has been renovated using all its original furnishings and enriched with pieces in the style of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. The result is a retro atmosphere, reminiscent of certain characteristic cafes of Bologna.

I anticipate that if you are looking for a trendy place, this is not the place for you. The atmosphere at Pedrotti is in fact a bit bohemian, alternative and artistic, with a style that struggles to gain a foothold in Verona.

If you are in the right mood, I would recommend an aperitivo here … and you will realize how strange and interesting this place is!

If you find yourself in this area in the daytime, you might enjoy a brief tour of an art gallery, which usually opens only upon reservation or for special events, named Deposito A.

The location is incredible, a 300 sqm space converted into an old building recalling the Sixteenth century, with vintage furniture. What’s more, they sell pieces of furniture and really beautiful works of art inside!

The third place that deserves a great review is The Soda Jerk. It’s located near Piazza Isolo and Piazza San Tommaso, it opened recently and it’s now a real gem of Verona’s scenario. Their motto is “care for every detail“: they seek to obtain the most genuine flavours and the perfect cocktails. This pub has a strong American connotation, both for the perfect cocktail mixing and the search for extravagant and creative flavours.
The pub aims at recalling the “speakeasy” bars, popular during prohibitionism and now back on top. In fact, the front door is half hidden and you have to ring the bell before entering.

The food is carefully chosen and matches the drinks perfectly.
A great experience is guaranteed and the American approach is very convincing.
Overall, The Soda Jerk deserves a high grade, mostly for the innovation that it brings in Verona and for the high quality of the products.
In conclusion, if you feel bored of the usual downtown Verona tour, or if you are planning to spend a weekend in the beautiful city of Verona… dive into the world of Veronetta… we assure you very interesting discoveries!

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